Business Simulation Programmes

Business simulations are experiential learning tools where participants learn by running a virtual business in an interactive, risk-free, and realistic environment. Business simulations help practice and improve business skills, such as business acumen, financial and market analysis, operations, decision making, problem solving, teamwork, communication, leadership, and more.

Experience delivered online

By utilizing the latest technology, all Business Simulations are built on a powerful, stable, and highly scalable online platform making it easy-to-use and accessible for all participants and instructors on any internet enabled device.

Benefits for educational institutions

Improve the employability of students.

Improve cooperation between institutions (even across borders).

Improve student-faculty and student-student interaction.

Improve academic achievements (i.e. higher grades).

Create a more enjoyable school curriculum.

Help in making the school offering more versatile.

Ability to better illustrate theoretical business concepts.

Increase student engagement and enjoyment.

Improve student knowledge retention, decision making and teamwork skills.

Allow you to run all of your simulation-based courses online in any format.

Give you a powerful tool to test the hands-on skills and strategic thinking of students. 

Benefits for corporate companies

Ensure the competitiveness of your business on the long run.

Improve the communication and teamwork between departments and colleagues.

Help managers make better decisions by taking other departments into account.

Help participants understand what decisions contribute to shareholder value.

Help with talent acquisition and talent management.

Help you train cross-functional management teams in a virtual environment.

Improve your holistic understanding of your company’s business activities.

Increase participant engagement and enjoyment.

Improve participant knowledge retention, decision making and teamwork skills.

 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Business Simulation includes environmental, social, and governance decisions as part of the core business strategy. With fully integrated ESG decisions, Participants can incorporate sustainable development goals into their strategy while improving financial performance and delivering value for all stakeholders. A key aspect of the ESG implementation is to highlight sustainability and corporate responsibility decisions as a fundamental part of the strategy and operations, not as a separate policy.

Explore Business Simulations

Strategic Management

Business Simulation

Improves the participant’s understanding and capabilities of running global business operations in a dynamic, competitive environment.

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Project Management

Business Simulation

Participants gain experience in the dynamics of managing a project that is part of a broader, multi-project program with interdependent projects.

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Sales & Marketing Management

Business Simulation

Participants develops the understanding and command of the whole marketing decision-making process over eight customer segments in two market areas.

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General Management

Business Simulation

Increases the participants awareness and capability of operating a company from a general management perspective in a competitive environment.

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Bank and Financial Management

Business Simulation

Understanding operations to help develop fact-based management culture, analytical skills and awareness about the current operating environment.

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Small Service Management

Business Simulation

Gain practical experience in running a service business in a competitive environment by integrating HR, capacity, sales, and marketing management.

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Retail Store Management

Business Simulation

Puts participants in charge of a franchise with multiple stores in a seasonal environment with different target groups influencing strategy and profitability.

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Electric Utilities Management

Business Simulation

Combine the dynamics of power markets, production and risk management and decisions and policies regarding sustainable development.

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Telecom Operator Management

Business Simulation

Manage mobile, broadband, entertainment and IT services, network infrastructure development and finance for residential and corporate customers.

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Hospitality Management

Business Simulation

An interactive and fun learning environment that improves the participants’ business competencies in the hotel and restaurant industry setting.

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Education Institutions worldwide illuminate business concepts using Business Simulations.

How To Ge Started

1. Talk to one of our experts to choose the right experiential learning solution for your business training needs.

2. Request any amount of user licenses where after your consultant will provide you with an invoice to pay.

3. Participants will receive log in details to the simulation platform and will be able to start their simulation journey.

6 More Reasons to Use Business Simulations


Improve academic achievements, employability and feedback interactions.


Teach cooperation between departments, branches and institutions.


Create a more enjoyable curriculum, making the learning offering functional and versatile.


Ability to better illustrate and apply theoretical business concepts in practice.


Increase strategic thinking, engagement, decision making and teamwork skills.


Build real world knowledge, practical experience and test hands on skills in a real world setting.

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