Hotel and Restaurant Management

Business Simulation

The Hotel and Restaurant Management Business Simulation is an interactive and fun learning environment that improves the participants’ business competencies and employability in the hospitality industry setting.

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Case 1: Hotel and Restaurant

Case 2: Hotel only or Restaurant only


Hotel and restaurant management.

Used in

Business and management courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in hospitality and tourism programs. Corporate in-house programs.

Case scenario

Hotel with 140 rooms and attached restaurant. Each decision-making round represents two weeks of operations for the simulated company.

Participant tasks

The participants run their hotel and restaurant operations in competition with other teams. Decisions include revenue management, sales promotion, food & beverage, housekeeping, staff management and procurement. They can practice with different scenarios as well as analyse the outcomes of their decisions and benchmark against the competitors.

Key learning areas

Revenue management, sales promotion, menu engineering, housekeeping, staff management and procurement. Holistic understanding of the linkages between different functions and their impact on the bottom line.

Key success factors

The success of the teams is measured with several different financial ratios, including operating profit, net profit, return on assets, and cash flows. Revenue management and customer satisfaction are key success factors within the hotel operations. Success factors for the restaurant operations include menu engineering, staff management and overall customer experience. In addition, the simulation contains all relevant industry specific ratios. Financial results are reported according to the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants and for the Lodging Industry.

Expected outcome

The simulation game develops the participants’ capabilities in identifying, analysing, and acting on the key operational & environmental variables that influence hotel and restaurant operations in competitive setting. Furthermore, the simulation enhances fact-based analytical decision making and illuminates the financial implications of operational decisions by linking the decisions to cash flows and bottom-line performance. Finally, this dynamic hospitality business simulation excites competitive spirits among participants and creates practical experience in teamwork and problem solving.


The hotel and restaurant simulation game are modular which allows instructors to choose whether learners’ play with both accommodation and food & beverage operations or play with only one of them. In addition, the system permits the instructors to modify and create their own personalized cases.

Available languages

English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch.