Telecom Operator Management

Business Simulation

Telecom Operator Management Business Simulation is a telecom simulation game where teams manage mobile, broadband and entertainment services for residential customers and communications and IT services for corporate customers. It also includes decisions regarding network infrastructure development and finance.

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Mobile, Broadband and Entertainment

Communications and IT


Telecom industry, business skills for telecom, strategic management, finance.

Used in

In-house programs, integrative courses for telecommunications related programs in business and engineering schools, and executive programs.


Teams manage a telecom operator that provides telecom and entertainment services for residential customers and telecom and IT services for corporate customers. The telecom company is currently placed in a situation where the expansion of the 4G network is a key decision. In addition, teams need to carry forward the company’s recent entry to the entertainment services.

Participant tasks

Pricing, promotion, channel management, entertainment service strategy, human resources, network infrastructure development, and finance are among the decision areas that participants must consider. In addition, teams will make decisions about various events that influence the success of their companies for the whole duration of the telecom simulation.

Key learning areas

Telecom Operator Management Business Simulation helps participants to comprehend relationships between different telecom operator functions and develops their telecom-related business acumen. The telecom simulator improves participants’ decision-making skills familiarizing them with the whole decision-making environment for a telecommunications operator, including mobile, fixed broadband, entertainment, IT services, channel management, network infrastructure development, and finance. During the rounds, participants must plan how they prepare for shifting consumer preferences and new network technologies. They experience how variations in competitive intensity influences their profitability, and how they should nurture shareholder returns even with zero or negative growth.

Key success factors

Teams’ success is measured by their abilities to generate shareholder returns. Returns are dependent on how teams can run the operations, how well they manage to manoeuvre the company through changes in the external environment and competitive forces, and how successful they are in their decisions regarding capital structure and profit redistribution.

Expected outcome

Participants develop capabilities in formulating, implementing, and adapting business strategies in a dynamic competitive environment. In addition, they will enhance their fact-based decision-making skills and improve their financial knowledge through linking operational decisions to cash flows and bottom-line performance. The telecom simulation platform also gives practical experiences in teamwork and problem solving and excites competitive spirits in a dynamically evolving marketplace.

Available languages

English, Finnish, French, Italian, Russian.