General Management

Business Simulation

The General Business Management Simulation increases the participants awareness and capability of operating a company from a general management perspective in a competitive environment.

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Case 1: Pharmaceuticals

Case 2: Building Materials


Business management, planning and forecasting, demand and cost management, investment appraisal, competition, financial budgeting, and planning.

Used in

Business skills courses for non-business majors, introductory courses for business majors, business acumen courses at corporate in-house programs.

Case scenario

Participants manage a manufacturing company with international operations. There are up to three market areas and two production areas available.

Participant tasks

Teams will develop and execute strategies for their simulated company while taking into consideration the customer behaviour, cost structures, and currency fluctuations in the different markets. Decisions include promotion, pricing, and quality control across products and customer segments, production location cost advantages, investment appraisal, capital vs. labour assessment, financing decisions, demand estimations and budgeting.

Key learning areas

The simulation integrates a range of concepts from various management related disciplines, including marketing, production, logistics, and financial decision-making. In addition, it links the organization to the wider context of business world and stakeholders.

Key success factors

Successful strategy creation and implementation in competitive environment. Accurate sales forecasting and planning. Design and execution of cost-effective production and logistics operations in cross-border setting. Precise financial planning, analytical approach to decision-making, and good teamwork. Success is measured by both operational and financial key indicators, including capacity utilization rates, market shares, net profit, return on capital, and earnings per share. 

Expected outcome

As a result of playing General Business Management Simulation participants will improve their understanding of operating a company from a general management perspective and develop market- and value-driven approach to decision making. They will improve their capability to interpret and forecast market situations and translate them into goal-oriented decisions. General Business Management Simulation also enhances fact-based analytical decision making by linking decisions to cash flows and bottom-line performance.


General Business Management Simulation offers powerful user-level customizability and modularity options that allow it to be adjusted for different target groups and experience levels. In addition, the system permits the instructors to create and modify their own cases with personalized market outlooks and storyline.

Available languages

English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish.