Leah van Niekerk

Passion, Positivity and Productivity

This course will teach you practical skills to motivate and equip you to believe in yourself, focus and develop your strong points. You will learn how to apply your new found self confidence in the workplace, relationships and your personal life.

The Passion, Positivity and Productivity course will empower and help you to manage your time, emotions and people for optimal productivity. We want you to be able to apply your skills to take the next step in life, whether it is in your career, your family or purely just for yourself. Believe you can!

Location and Duration

This course is presented online with lifetime learning content access and is expected to be completed within 3 months from start date.

What you'll learn
  • Lecture by Leah on Passion, Positivity and Productivity
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • A Broad Application of the Principles of Emotional Intelligence
  • Manage Yourself and Others
  • Core Principles in Managing Self and Others
  • Ethics in Personal and Work Life
  • Active Ethical Behavior in Personal and Work Life
  • Time Management and Planning
  • Effective Time Management and Planning
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Development of Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Conflict Resolution Principles
Language Policy

This Course is available in both English and Afrikaans. Switch to your preferred language in the menu above at any time during the Course. Please note that the lecture is in Afrikaans. Contact us for english transcritps.

Course Attributes
  • Lifetime learning content access.
  • Desktop, Mobile and Tablet compatible.
  • Educator assistance on request.

You will receive a Professional Certificate credentials from Libertas Business Institute to share with your employers or partners. Employers can inquire the authenticity of each Professional Certificate by contacting us on [email protected] and stating the Certificate Reference Number.

Entry Requirements

No formal experience required. Basic computer, communication, and mathematical literacy advantageous.

Payment Plan

This course is available on our Payment Plan where you can pay off your tuition monthly.


Once-off: R1,250.00

Payment Plan: R420.00 pm x3