Leandie du Randt

Modern Entrepreneurship

The purpose of this course is to encourage learners to be an entrepreneur in a modern society, open and successfully manage their own companies, create jobs, boost economies, and generate wealth. Upon completion, the learner will obtain skills, competence and be able to gain an competitive edge by developing new and innovative products, services, and processes.

Leandie du Randt shares her successes, how she did it all, the lessons learnt, obstacles she overcame and how you can succeed as the leader of an enterprise, large or small, using modern techniques and market trends. This course is not only intended for entrepreneurs, but any individual striving towards progressing in their career or life in general.

Location and Duration

This course is presented online with lifetime learning content access and is expected to be completed within 3 months from start date.

What you'll learn


  • You are the BUSINESS – Would you buy from yourself? Be authentic. What is your purpose – the WHY behind your business?
  • Your social media profiles are almost more important than your website – first thing they see more often than not- same look and feel throughout all your mediums.
  • Sell a problem being solved not a product – You’ve heard this before; here’s HOW you can do it
  • Get people to do what you can’t and use your strengths. Resources are key.
  • Make it as easy as possible for the customer to buy from you – product and website audit.
  • Knowledge is power. Understand the people with whom you work better, also your clients.


Module 1: Finance and Business Numeracy

  • How net profit is arrived at in an operational unit
  • The bottom line and the factors that impact on it
  • How your own job can impact the bottom line of the business
  • Monitor and control actual expenses against budget
  • Critique and use techniques for collecting, organising and representing data
  • Use mathematics to plan and control financial instruments
  • Use simple and compound interest to make sense of and define a variety of situations
  • Investigate various aspects of cost and revenue
  • Use mathematics to debate aspects of the national and global economy
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the key concepts of managerial finance
  • Interpret financial statements
  • Describe and prepare financial forecasts
  • Draft budgets according to the operational plan of the unit
  • Supervise financial management of a unit against given requirements

Module 2: The Art of Negotiations

  • Prepare for negotiations
  • Engage in negotiations
  • Finalise negotiations and communicate agreements
  • Evaluate negotiation processes

Module 3: Customer Relations

  • Explain customer behavior
  • Create positive customer perceptions
  • Interact with customers
  • Resolve customer complaints

Module 4: Project and Operations Management

  • Project management framework
  • Project management processes
  • Identify and develop objectives
  • Formulate a plan to meet the objective
  • Implement the plan
  • Monitor activities
  • Create a task list
  • Prioritise personal and team tasks
  • Use and maintain a diary
  • Implement and maintain personal and team task list

Module 5: Sales and Marketing Management

  • Marketing is a form of communication
  • Customer Service
  • Implementing your Marketing Plan
  • Quotes and Tender
  • Write/ sign for a specified audience and purpose
  • Use language structures and features to produce coherent and cohesive texts for a wide range of contexts
  • Draft own writing/ signing and edit to improve clarity and correctness
  • Plan the promotional activity
  • Supervise implementation of the promotion
  • Evaluate the outcome of the promotional activity
  • Explain the effect of sales on the net profit of the business
  • Monitor sales performance
  • Propose actions to improve sales performance

Chapter 6: Managing Self, Others and Conflict

  • Ethics and You
  • Ethics in Business
  • Measure Yourself
  • Conflict Resolution
Language Policy

This Course is available in both English and Afrikaans. Switch to your preferred language in the menu above at any time during the Course. Please note that the lecture is in Afrikaans.

Course Attributes
  • Signed copy of Leandie’s new book, My Life Hacks, available in English or Afrikaans
  • A NBI Brain Profile from The Kobus Neethling Institute
  • Lifetime learning content access
  • Desktop, Mobile and Tablet compatible.
  • Educator assistance on request

You will receive a Professional Certificate credentials from Libertas Business Institute to share with your employers or partners. Employers can inquire the authenticity of each Professional Certificate by contacting us on [email protected] and stating the Certificate Reference Number.

Entry Requirements

No formal experience required. Basic computer, communication, and mathematical literacy advantageous.

Payment Plan

This course is available on our Payment Plan where you can pay off your tuition monthly.


Once-off: R2,500.00

Payment Plan: R840.00 pm x3