Duane Vermeulen


The purpose of this course is to elevate your leadership capabilities and equip you with real world skills to develop into a powerful leader for business and life. No matter if you’re a CEO of a large corporation or just wanting to make an impact in your social group, developing your leadership capabilities with this course will advance you towards your goals.

Duane Vermeulen is known to be one of the greatest leaders of our generation, impacting many lives to victory with his warrior spirit. In this course, Duane shares 8 steps on how you can become the leader you’re destined to

Location and Duration

This course is presented online with lifetime learning content access and is expected to be completed within 3 months from start date.

What you'll learn


Aprox 60 min video where Duane Vermeulen discuss the following…

  • Setting Goals
  • Desperation and Sacrifice
  • High Standards
  • Discipline
  • Passion
  • Warrior
  • Service
  • WIN


Traditional study work to master theoretical knowledge on Leadership…

Module 1: Explaining the Concept of Leadership

  • Identify and explain leadership
  • Explain the roles and qualities of a leader

Module 2: Differentiating between Leadership and Management

  • Define and differentiate leadership and management
  • Differentiate roles and qualities of leaders and managers
  • Explain the concepts of accountability and responsibility
  • Compare the role of the leader and manager

Module 3: Analysing Leadership Theories

  • Identify theories of leadership
  • Participative Leadership Theory
  • Contingency Theories
  • Transactional Leadership Theory
  • Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory
  • Transformational Leadership Theory
  • Visionary Leadership Theory
  • Leadership trends

Module 4: Applying the Roles and Qualities of Leadership

  • Analyse roles (functions) and qualities within leadership contexts
  • Leadership styles of great leaders and role models
  • Select and apply a leadership theory in own work context
    Language Policy

    This Course is available in both English and Afrikaans. Switch to your preferred language in the menu above at any time during the Course. Please note that the lecture is in Afrikaans. Contact us for english transcritps.

    Course Attributes
    • A NBI Brain Profile from The Kobus Neethling Institute
    • Lifetime online learning content access
    • Desktop, Mobile and Tablet compatible.
    • Educator assistance on request

    You will receive a Professional Certificate credentials from Libertas Business Institute to share with your employers or partners. Employers can inquire the authenticity of each Professional Certificate by contacting us on [email protected] and stating the Certificate Reference Number.

    Entry Requirements

    No formal experience required. Basic computer, communication, and mathematical literacy advantageous.

    Payment Plan

    This course is available on our Payment Plan where you can pay off your tuition monthly.


    Once-off: R2,700.00

    Payment Plan: R900.00 pm x3