Navigating the project life cycle from initiation to evaluation

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This specialized course offers a comprehensive exploration of project life cycles, focusing on both standard project management frameworks and their adaptation within professional services environments. Participants will gain invaluable insights into the distinct phases, approaches, and nuances of managing projects within professional services contexts, from initiation to post-project evaluation. This course is designed for professionals to understand how project management principles are adapted and applied. Participants will gain practical knowledge to effectively navigate and manage projects from inception to evaluation within professional services environments.

Course Objectives:

– Equip participants with a detailed understanding of project life cycles, both standard and within professional services contexts.

– Illustrate the phases and components inherent in professional services project management.

– Highlight the differences between standard project life cycles and those specific to professional services.

– Emphasize the importance of project close-out, handover, post-project evaluation, and continuous improvement practices.

– Provide practical insights into executing successful projects within professional services industries.


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