Mastering effective execution of strategic project management planning

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This comprehensive course offers a deep dive into the critical components of project governance, planning, stakeholder management, and success evaluation. Participants will explore the strategic significance of project management plans, business cases, benefits management, stakeholder engagement, estimation techniques, success criteria, and effective project reporting, empowering them to drive successful project outcomes in dynamic organizational landscapes. This course is suitable for professionals seeking a deeper understanding of the strategic aspects and essential components critical for successful project delivery within diverse organizational contexts.

Course Objectives:

– Provide a comprehensive understanding of project governance, planning, and strategic alignment.

– Define the purpose and significance of key project documents like the project management plan and business case.

– Illuminate the roles of Project Sponsors, Project Managers, and stakeholders in ensuring project success and alignment with organizational strategies.

– Enable participants to employ benefits management, stakeholder analysis, estimation techniques, and KPIs to enhance project performance and decision-making.

– Equip individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary for effective project reporting and evaluation.

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